Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Back from the dead.

I'm sure you thought I was gone.

Computer issues have as of late forced a certain level of 'inactivity'.

But Teenage Visigoth is back online with more DBA related ramblings. I'll be back with some recap and reflections of the event at FallCon (only how many months late?).
Then as I have resolved the somewhat elementary issues of camera/computer interfaces I will be indulging in that most indulgent activity of miniature gamer fun, pictures of all my armies.

First a teaser and prophecy. Pictured above is the Lord of Clan Saketumi from my Early Samurai III/54. This is a Bow General. I like him. He's vapourized many Emishii light horse barbarians and been utterly hammered by Blade bushi. I think the army itself is 5 wins - 7 losses.

I'll document more when I finish posting pictures the rest of the force.

There has been some good discussion of the interplay of the Blade vs Bow option on Fanaticus
(http://www.fanaticus.org/discussion/showthread.php?t=9078) in the Early Samurai army. I really enjoy this army. It's fast with 3-4 Cavalry elements and the 5 Auxilia. The Bow or the Blade debate however makes the army either bound for honour or a bulk supplier of severed heads.

Prophecy wise: come FallCon 2010, my intent is to run 'Samurai Night Fever II: The Wrath of the Khans'. Yep.
Mongols. Samurai. Koreans. Chinese.
Party time on Hakata Beach!

And yes, Clan Saketumi is fictional. Watch Austin Powers for the etymology of the name.



  1. "Samurai Night Fever II: the Wrath of Khans" sounds awesome... wish I could be there... but that would require going to Fallcon. Besides, you guys play in the wrong scale!