Thursday, 22 April 2010

Steppe Child

I'm painting Mongols.

You should be too.

The video is by Altan Urag
It's a new obsession of mine. These guys are the best.
The visuals are from Bodrov's Mongol from a few years back.
The Hippy watched the clip with me and said 'gaaack! holy blood shed Batman!' or something to that effect. We had watched the movie last fall and had fun with it and forgotten the sanguinous nature of the action until you view it distilled into a few minutes of galloping carnage.
Mongol pix next week!


  1. Great film Must watch it again soon.

  2. Bob, I'm off to the comic con this weekend. Shall I get you an autograph from Ms. Gray?

  3. Nice! What's the movie and who is the group?

  4. Yes, please get an autograph, especially if she has a picture where she is wearing the purple spandex or has her hair done up like Princess Leia! :)

  5. So, I totally picked up the Ultan Ureg stuff and have been listening to it while painting the CWS stuff that I have on the go at the moment... It's really good, thanks for posting about it!

    The problem is, now I want to paint Mongols! Perhaps I will bring Mongols to Samurai Night fever instead of the pre-Sams I was planning on :)