Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Once and Future Bling

It should come as no surprise to those who read this blog (a big thanks to both of you!) and those who game with me that I'm a big, card carrying, got the t-shirt, fairly tragic King Arthur nerd.

I love all iterations of the Matter of Britain (even the truly stinky) and will indulge myself to no end.

I've finally decided it's time to do the big Arthurian DBA game for FallCon I've planned for many years. So it's time to get painting. Here's my first-off interpetation of Splintered Light's superb Sub-Roman British Warriors.

'Let's fight for Roman Civilization, or ah, at least what's left of it.'
He's the first figure for the DBA Sub-Roman British I need to complete for the game.
I don't have a clever name yet for the FallCon game, but will need to keep up the tradition 'Samurai Night Fever' and (of course) 'I Was a Teenage Visigoth'. Maybe something like 'Three Cheers for Vortigern' or 'Coming of the Saxons'. But maybe not, nobody really likes ol' Vortigern and the latter sounds a little I'll class it up with Latin. Adventus Saxonum. Yeah, that's closer...

But alas, I digress...

I've also got a Pictish army in the buff, truly, but unpainted as well. Early Saxons, check, Scots-Irish, check, but will need another of each for a good balance. Might even be able to write in Later Visigoths as well. There is precedent...

Here's more pix. The scenery in some wonderful ruins and villas built by my friend Pattus Magnus, Architect of Kings. Yes, I've altered the colours on iPhoto, but the rest is the result of a little handheld and a couple bright lights.

Get them Saxons!

Camelot was a lot nicer last time we visited.

Production Still from 'I Was A Teenage Visigoth'.1955

 Ok, enough self indulgence. I really should cook. Tonight the Hippy-Goth and I finish watching the 'Mists of Avalon' mini-series. Which wasn't as bad as I remember it.  But in the meantime I'm making cauliflower and roast squash soup. Yeah.

On to Avalon, baby!


  1. Yay! Back to your senses!

    Looks great, Sean! now if only it it's been 28mm...

  2. Very exciting! I have a 28mm splintered light arthurian army (only army left in 15mm). Keep us up to date on your plans!

  3. Very nice stuff! Excellent execution on there and great character. I'm looking forward to battling it with my... wait, I don't think I have an opposing army...