Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Dream Date '78

Debbie Harry, Suzi Quatro and Joan Jett.
Pretty busy 'round Villa Visigoth these days. I'm getting ready for a school in May. Going to be a pretty intensive 4 weeks, so don't expect too much on the bloggo.

So in the meantime please enjoy this picture of Debbie Harry, Suzi Quatro and Joan Jett.

If you'd rather look at pictures of little lead men, we seriously need to talk.

OK friend and co-conspirator Pattus Magnus did a sweet little article on HoTT dwarfses.
Excellent pics and ideas for conversion. (I know it's heresy in some parts, but you don't need to use the all the same figures from the same manufacturer...)

yours in crimson and clover,


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