Friday, 28 October 2011

Dog-Romans in 10.


So I have this insane idea to make matched Polybian Romans and Later Carthaginian armies.
In 10mm.

Based for 25mm, that is 60mm frontage. Glory.

Am I getting distracted here? Likely.

These guys above are from AIM's Punic War line. I quite like them.

Here is a shot of the 'pilot' fig.
 I'm surprised how many people when embarking on a mass paint don't start off with a pilot fig to figure out their colour scheme and painting method. Perhaps I over-think, but it works for me.

I really like the Polybian Roman DBA list. It was the first DBA army I painted back in the days of one point aught. I won lots with it. Success got me so bored I retired the army and went off in search of other hardluck projects, you know Bithynians and the like.

I love Velites. It is a quite Roman idea of taking the poorer members of your society and giving them crap fabricae weapons and telling them, 

'Hey! It's cool, you guys are the skirmishers! You've got an awesome job as skirmishers. You get to protect the important part of army, the legionaries. You also get to fight some of the best light infantry ever, the Libyans, the Greeks, the Spanish, and hey, even those Thracians. And if you survive, you might get to wear a dog's head on your helmet. Did I say this was an awesome job or what?'

Romans, what a load of wankers...

I do love the look of these troops nonetheless. And frankly the Polybian list has the best enemies. Spanish of many flavours, Carthaginians (of course), Macedonians, Gauls, and those wacky Syracusans to name a few. The 'Punic' era is the Ancients All-Stars period. You're going to find one army you like and it will kick ass.

Dog-Romans? The pre-Teen Visigoth was enamoured with them as well, finding the dog headed-ness puzzling as a 5 year old. Dubbing them 'Dog-Romans' and painting many of them from those wonderful HaT 1/72nd boxes I bought in excess. 

These won't be the only 10's you'll see on the bloggo. I've taken another commission, this time for the wonderful Brent Lloyd. A 'Scots Common' army is awaiting a prime job. But first I needs plow through the boat load Vikings that sit on my desk. They're not 10mm, and like the proverbial Dane with Dane-geld...they just don't seem to go anyplace.



  1. [shakes head and walks away muttering]

  2. Seriously, why not go with 80mm - double the suggested 15mm - then all your measuring sticks will still be useful (they'll just be in increments of 50 paces instead of 100, and you'll be able to use the terrain tiles you already have - you'll just need to butt four of them up against each other to play a game...


    got you thinkin' haven't i...?

  3. I did my 6mm figures on 80mm frontages and quite liked the scenic base look. And you can get enough guys on the base to make it looked like a unit. Course there were 36 guys on a base so the painting is bit more... :)