Saturday, 9 February 2013

Dingos ate my Apology.

An Apology.

The Teenage Visigoth realizes that his statements in his blog post 'I WAS A TEENAGE SPACEMARINE' can be construed as misleading and hurtful to Dingo-kind and by extension, all Antipodean life forms.

The Teenage Visigoth categorically states:
'dingo jizz is in and of itself no more or less objectionable than other forms of jizz'.   

The Dingo exists quite successfully in one of the most alien,  harshest and lethal environments in our solar system. 
As such it is worthy of our respect and admiration.

It has also been subjected to unreasonable slander and accusations of serial baby eating by malicious media misreports. 
Based on empirical evidence, Dingo eaten babies are less common than babies consumed by other Australian flora and fauna. 

We at I Was A Teenage Visigoth salute the Dingo and offer again our abject apologies for our careless statement. 

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