Friday, 8 February 2013

High Society.

I am rather pleased.

My issue of Slingshot, The Journal of the Society of Ancients has just arrived.

Membership was awarded to me this fall when Clan Toho and I slew all comers and won the Alberta Open DBA Championship. Did you miss out on the epicosity of that struggle? Go here.

'In the meantime and between times' as Mr Ed Whelan used to say, I have been awaiting my Slingshot.

Stuff on Huns, Teutonics and something about Moabites...awesome!

Flipping through the package I found the wonderful phrase 'Family members receive all the benefits of Society membership except Slingshot'. When I told the Hippy of the amazing boon that just landed in her lap she picked up the issue and flipped it open to random page. 'Hearing you go on about the stuff you read like...Etruscans....will be benefit enough'.

What a woman. See why I love her?  

And yeah, SoA membership offers nice discounts from different manufacturers and such, it's pretty cool. All sorts of gooby goodness for folks like us.


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