Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Loaner armies

Friday night DBA sessions are traditionally a relaxed warm-up for the carnage that will transpire during the rest of the week.

Also, it's a great time for novice players ( I hate the term n00bs) to try their generalship. As such I always try to make the theme fairly inclusive and 'mainstreamish'. We won't be doing the Wars of Kappadokian Succession anytime soon.

I also try to have a goodly number of loaner armies on hand. Whether I paint them myself or they are volunteered by the very generous members of the CCF we will have armies on hand so your interest cannot be curtailed by not having the proper army.

I have just finished up the Gepids and will be moving onto the Later Visigoths tonight. We also have a couple Patrician Roman forces for loan as well. And we also have the Early Saxons, not a popular choice given their somewhat dismal record.

I suggest you show up on time...


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  1. I hate the term n00b as just seems so...childish.

    Speaking of loaning out armies and painting them up. Are you still using the dip method? What do you use for a dip? I am pondering trying this method out but am too much of a chicken to just experiment.