Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Hun inspiration.

I really hope someone throws together a Hun army for the event.

The Huns get no respect.

Despite the unfortunate ranking on the CCF_NAGS 'Top Dogs and Wankers' lists, the Hun army is some pretty cool stuff.

By fielding the 'Other' list you can take nothing but light horse. Your DBA needs be good to win consistently with that style of fighting. But consider that you can turn your opponent into in emotional basket case if you throw flanking runs, faked assaults and crazy multi-pip column runs at him.

The 'Attila's Army' (always makes me think of Elvis Costello's 'Oliver's Army) give you some whack-job Gepids to do the charge first crazy Warband and Knights stuff. Sweetness. Take that Roman Patrician goons!

Most DBA players I know are incessant info-vores so I give you inspirational material to get into your own personal 'Attila Zone'.

Attila The Hun: A Barbarian King and the Fall of Rome

Mixed reviews for sure, but a good read IMHO. Some interesting ideas about mounted archery as well. Man also gives a pretty good description of the End of the Empire.

If you're cheap, lazy or prefer your history laden with profanities, I present:

Go Huns!

If you prefer your history Pythonized,

Now if there were figure manufacturers with any chutzpa we'd have a complete line of Mr. Attila the Hun, Mrs. Hun, Robin and Jenny Hun figures.



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