Saturday, 23 March 2013

To Edmonton!

The Teenage Visigoth is pleased to announce he will at last be going to MAYDAY in Edmonton this year.  For the last 9 years MAYDAY has been going on and after much procrastination and my schedule-challenged lifestyle I will be attending.

Alright, alright, that picture is my obligatory Calgary-Edmonton joke. For those not knowledgeable or uncaring in Alberta cultural politics, the Edmonton-Calgary rivalry long standing  and frankly getting a little old. Unless you actually care about pro-sports (which I do not...).

The city we all need to mock is Red Deer.
Red Deer, Alberta, Canada.

I am happy to be also putting on game! I will be running 'Death in the Dust', a G.A.S.L.I.G.H.T. adventure for four intrepid souls.  Details are fuzzy right now, but it will involve shenanigans in the Sudan. Maybe dinosaurs.
GASLIGHT players.
Love the Edmonton gamer crew. Excellent chaps all and hope to have a blast with them.

Also I will be attending the DBA games, I've got to maintain my badass rep and bring some glorious Trey Corbies armies for sale.


Listening to: Old Blondie bootlegs from '77.
Drinking: Very Dark Coffee and lots of it.


  1. Hey TV- look forward to seeing you here in the big city. Great news, but please leave the cowboy hat and shit-kickers at home though.

    Bring your "A" game to the DBA tables. Or at least see if you can roll more 6s than Mark.


    Dave-o (EDBAG co-host)

    1. No one can roll more 6's than Mark.

      I haven't owned a cowboy hat or boots for 30 years now, so I will have to overawe you all with a fresh pair of high tops.

  2. Hey Sean I hear your looking for a place to crash for Mayday. Your welcome to come stay with me, though your journey will need to take you a bit further north than Edmonton. Not to fear though, with the Henday, its pretty much a highway drive.