Monday, 2 April 2012

Garamantes are go!

Some of you may know my other 'geek hat' is that of a principal in a very small but beautiful miniature company, Trey Corbies.

We stealthed into the market a few years ago with the first and finest line of Pre-Christian Irish Warrior Women. 

Now we are boldly moving into the another unexplored niche, The Garamante of ancient North Africa.

Here's a quick look at the greens. Present are the great shields these warriors used as they harried, raided and traded with the Hellenistic Kingdoms and the upstart Roman Republic.

DBA nerds will also know these guys can be used in the smallest, quickest to build DBA army in the books. We'll be selling an army pack at a low price. 

I'll be building an army as well and cross-posting my results on the Corbies site and here.


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