Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Samurai Night Fever II: The action!

Havoc, treachery, suicidal charges and victory.

Clan Toho (Post Mongol Samurai) as played by the Pre-Teen Visigoth contest the crossing of the Mongol Hordes (Conquest) as played by Terry Silverthorn.

In all, Samurai Night Fever II: The Wrath of the Khans was a ripping success. I had a blast running it. It's always a treat to play with such brilliant and convivial players and their beautiful and dramatic armies.

The tourney was organized loosey-goosey in a deliberate yet random way. Which I did deliberately. The Friday tourney at FallCon has always been a relaxed, warm-up sort of gig. The real blood gets shed on Saturday with the themed tourneys and Sunday with the Alberta Open. And given how un-acrimonious our serious tourneys are, the Friday games can be a little goofy.  

Now as to results..I lost those.....(don't worry Paul, I think I can reconstruct the results)

But I do remember the top 3:
1) Joe Crow/Mongol Conquest awarded the Shiny Red Katana of Awesomeness 
2) Mark Stadel/Alans*awarded the Bright Blue Katana of Bodaciousness
3) Don Ray/Southern Dynasty Chinese awarded the 'Best in Show' mostly for being able to work an elephant into this tourney...

The Wakazashi of Atonement went to Bill Seney and his Han Chinese, who uncharacteristically did not 
manage to score any points.

It was great to have Mark Wall and Terry Silverthorn from Edmonton come down for the game. They've just started a DBA group over the summer with other fine people up north.

If I had any grump or gripe, it would be that no complete newcomers were in the tourney. I love having new comers. First Samurai Night Fever in 2008 was won by a new player. Must think about how to get the word out better.

*(Yeah, that was the most western army I'd allow. Mostly cause Genghis Khan himself had a bodyguard of these guys.)

So, enough of that! Let's roll the pictures!

The turbulent river and the bows of Don Ray's Chinese stymie Rob Elliot's fearsome Mongols.  

Detail shot of Mike Johnson's Post Mongol Samurai in Takeda colours.

Another shot of Mike's PM Samurai from the rear. Sneaky ninja attempt to infiltrate the enclosure.

'Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!' Check out Mike J's taiko camp in the rear.

Crunch time! Seconds before the impact. Mark's Alans and Joe's Mongols come to the clinch.

Joe Crow's Mongols commence a flank run around their Alanic foe.

Mark Stadel's Alans charge the Early Samurai army captained by Mark Wall. There were three Marks in this game...yowza.

Bill Seney's Han Chinese take the fight to Joe's Mongols.

Mark Leong's Ming advance under the magical gaze of his Foo Dog camp.

Don Ray and Joe Crow array their respective forces.

The charge of Lord Saketumi's horse was valiant but doomed.

Lord Saketumi himself regards the failure of his cavalry with disdain.

Desperate circumstances call for desperate actions!
The Pre-Teen Visigoth arrays Clan Toho into his signature 'wedge of death' formation. 
Valiant for sure, but results varied.

'Hey Mark, over there...YOINK!'. Bill Seney (l) and Mike Johnson (c) look on unworried.

There's always got to be an elephant. Don Ray's Chinese southern Dynasty army shows it hues.

Thanks for looking! More pics to come.

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