Thursday, 17 September 2009

Hordes of Rampagin' Visigoths

Well it appears the Saxons will make the fight after all. Their long ship pulled in last night. Thanks to Mike and Roj.

It's gonna suck to be Roman on Friday....

And speaking of last night, I pulled a late one and finished off the Visigoths in one push.* Guess that makes me a Busygoth. Not bad results from revisiting 'the dip'. I will be doing a dip-fu series after all this tournament madness is over. I have had startling revelations regarding this technique and the ways of the cosmos. I will share these.

I was hoping to have pics, but life is sort of busy right now and given that I'm trying to take this weekend off for gaming there too many things to do now.

Also, have revised the scoring/prize concept. Will have things written up for Friday. More cool things.

One last note, bring your own dice!!! FallCon complimentary dice are as fickle as Gallia Placidia on a bad-regent day.


*thanks go out to the nice folks from Darjeeling who picked my tea and Baba for playing me tasty songs on CKUA.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Loot for looting!

Prize Announcement!

Winner of 'I Was a Teenage Visigoth' tourney will receive a Bag o' Burgundi! (tm)

Yep, a bag on unruly bad ass Burgundians (II/70a) hand picked by yours truly from Old Glory 15's nifty collections of Franks, Germans , Goths and Whatevers.

Why Burgundians? Cause they're bad ass. Like these guys.

'blah blah blah! fear our barbaricness!'


this site is gem;

for a deeper appreciation of Burgundiology;

See you soon!

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Loaner armies

Friday night DBA sessions are traditionally a relaxed warm-up for the carnage that will transpire during the rest of the week.

Also, it's a great time for novice players ( I hate the term n00bs) to try their generalship. As such I always try to make the theme fairly inclusive and 'mainstreamish'. We won't be doing the Wars of Kappadokian Succession anytime soon.

I also try to have a goodly number of loaner armies on hand. Whether I paint them myself or they are volunteered by the very generous members of the CCF we will have armies on hand so your interest cannot be curtailed by not having the proper army.

I have just finished up the Gepids and will be moving onto the Later Visigoths tonight. We also have a couple Patrician Roman forces for loan as well. And we also have the Early Saxons, not a popular choice given their somewhat dismal record.

I suggest you show up on time...