Wednesday, 25 August 2010

New Header!

This was made for me by the pre-Teen Visigoth.

It's pretty sweet. He was wanting something that was 'classical like a mosaic' but 'modern'. I like it!

Always fun geeking with the kid!

Monday, 23 August 2010

Samurai Night Fever II: The Rules

Wrath of the Khans Rules and outline.
Ok, here's the rules and outline of the tourney. For those of you who played in the first SNF you'll find them familiar. I've liberally stolen stuff from Paul Hannah's 'Skulls of Tamerlane'* tourney from last year and from the tweaks Neldoreth has done to the system.
"Thanks guys for your hard work!"

The Basics

1. All games are played on 2x2 boards with armies based on 40mm frontages (that is 15mm standard).

2. All armies must have the following keyword in their title; 'Japanese', 'Chinese', 'Korean' and 'Mongol'.
May be a legitimate, listed enemy of one of those armies.

Players are reminded this is an Asian themed tourney and as such should adhere to the spirit of the tourney and bring an Asian army. As this is an inclusive, easy going game, nobody will be turned away providing their army meets either criteria. 

Armies with options are NOT allowed to change between games. That would most certainly tone down the terror of rule 5, wouldn't it?

3. The moderator is Shogun of both Time and Space. Both he and those he appoints as loyal Rules-Samurai will have final say in rules questions. Kvetching is very dishonourable.

4. Rules used will be DBA 2.2 in all cases except as listed below.

5. All games will be played on pre-determined terrain. There will be 8 distinct maps, all representative of decisive or interesting battle of Asian history. These maps attempt to reflect a variety of terrain and climates.
Players will dice using their armies aggression ratings to determine defender/aggressor.

Players will choose the terrain assignment blindly and randomly before each match.  

6. Winners of each match are determined by the rules. Scoring for the tourney will be tracked in Bushido Points (BP's) and be scored as follows:

Killing the Enemy** General: 3BPs

Sacking Enemy Camp or BUA: 2BPs

Winning the match: 1BP

Enemy Element Killed by General:1BP***

All are cumulative.

7. Winner with the highest BP score will be awarded the +5 Katana of Mightiness

The player with lowest BPs gets the Wakizashi  of Atonement.

That covers most of it. I'm always interested in feedback and ideas to make this fun and outrageous tourney.

*In which my hapless Cilician Armenians were chewed up quite thoroughly.

**Do I really need to put 'enemy' in this list? Perhaps , yes I do.

***That is- in direct front edge to front edge contact. Not supporting, not overlapping or buttocksing.
I suppose shooting counts. If you are brave enough to enter with a Bw General, you deserve all the kudos you can get.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Wrath of the Khans

FallCon 2010 will see the return of Samurai Night Fever. Now with 300% more light horse!

This year 'Samurai Night Fever II: The Wrath of the Khans' expands the tournament to encompass all those wonderful horse armies of the plains. Previously, an army was eligible if it had 'japanese' or 'samurai' in the title or was a legit, listed enemy of one of these armies.

Lord Saketumi, Early Samurai Bow General

Now, the keywords are; 'japanese', 'samurai', 'mongol', 'korean', and 'chinese'. Armies that include those words in their names or are legitimate enemies of them. Books II, III and IV only. Sorry Shang Dynasty, but I had to make the call some place.

And let's try to keep things 'east of the Urals', ok? If you try to convince me to let you play Teutonic Knights or some other sort chainmailed euro-army I will use my Toshiro Mifune grade scowl on you , humiliating you in front of the cool DBA players who brought awesome Asian armies to the tourney.

fear the scowl.....

Sound good? I hate compiling lists.

The FallCon first Friday DBA tourney has the tradition of being easy-going, n00b friendly and a little odd. I'm pleased to continue this tradition. Rules will be posted later and will be pretty simple; kill the enemy general, sack the camp, rout the army. For those of you who are so inclined and require a textual basis for this, I will be posting more concise paragraphs at a later date.

So, get painting! If you need some resplendent inspiration, here's another video from Altan Urag, not just my favourite Mongolian Folk-Rock band, they've been stuck in my head and in my MP3 player.
This is a little more moody and less bloodthirsty than the last one I posted. While you listen go over to Neldoreth's site and read about his Mongol project: