Gallery: Tenth Level Wizards

Ring of Blastifying ready...
There are only two stores that seem to supply male Wizards of Heroic Fantasy.

The first seems to cater to the craven, cowardly evil wizards. Red robes with skulls, curvy daggers with skulls, skull caps with skulls...possibly with an in-store bookshelf with titles like 'Necromancy for Fun and Profit' and  'Get Hot Chicks with Hypnotism and Blood Magic'.

The other store, a little more conservative, offers big boots, robes and pointy brimmed hats. Not so much with the skulls. Of course you know, HE shops there, while not making fireworks, indulging hobbits and kicking Balrogs in the junk. The wizard depicted next to us has decided to go with that style. And it works dammit. Like a blazer and black t-shirt, it can make you stylin' at work or play. Or in this case, blasting goblins with eldritch power.

This chap, who I painted a few years back and just recovered from the Pre-Teen Visigoth shows very little wear and tear. Thanks to my triple level spray protection enchantment.

He's not a character for a fantasy RPG, nor has he seen action of the battlefield.

I just painted him cause, sometimes y'know, you just gotta paint a wizard.