For Sale: Heroes and Warriors All.

It's time spread the loot around! Now you can plunder the Visigoth! I've assembled odds and sods from my miniature acquisitions. The Teenage Visigoth is an openhanded warlord, so you'll notice the prices are so low you cannot afford this opportunity to bolster you forces. Many of the lots are small, I hope they will be of use, especially when building a DBA army. Of course, I will combine shipping on lots.

 I will leave these up for a month or so, but if they don't sell I'll remove them and they're off to eBay and the like...

Terms and Conditions: It's all the usual sort of stuff. All packages are shipped Airmail Small Packet Canada Post, unless other arrangements are made and the buyer ponies up for the difference.

The Teenage Visigoth ships anywhere, but once it's left my shores it's in the hands of fate.  I've tried to keep most lots shippable by puffy envelope, which is quick, cheap and pretty reliable. Boxes can be done. If your postal service employs Ostrogoths with anger issues in the sorting department, let me know. We can always work something out.

 How to Bid: Easy, drop me an email to Mention what date and lot you are interested in.  First email in the inbox gets it.
All payment is by paypal. I will invoice you. Unless you live nearby, then you can take me out for a pint at the pub. I am not considering trades unless I specifically mention it.

Happy plundering.