Monday, 11 November 2013

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Non-Update Updates.

I can just watch this all day.
Even better with some music.

Currently now working a real job and out of the blessed cyanoacrylate.
Minis painted: zilch.

I have a pile of 1/72nd camel riding Taishii tough guys awaiting the need to have their fundaments gooped to their ships of the desert. Suspect I'll paint then nice and black and use them as the mounted unit for the dread Black Guard in GASLIGHT. 

Planning GASLIGHT for MAYDAY. Also WONDERING about the creeping capitalization instigating itself my prose. Yes, I plan that far in advance. I suspect my time is going to be tighter these days and if I am going to stage the Battle of Perth I best get things together.

"Hot plane, hot plane, ow, ow, ow,"
Aviation is on my mind these days as well. Does anyone know of a good readable account of Republican airpower during the Spanish Civil War? 

Also the same Q for the Early Pacific War in the Solomons?

My reasons are inscrutable at the moment.

I've got some nifty profiles for most of my GASLIGHT units ready, so quality(ish) content is on the way.
Until later,