Tuesday, 5 July 2011

DBA at FallCon 2011

The ever efficient crew at FallCon 2011 have got the registration site up.*

As it is I have volunteered to run two events, Adventus Saxonum and Greeks Behaving Badly. I will be posting the details for the rules soon.

Adventus Saxonum or 'Coming of the Saxons' will be my Arthurian wargaming apotheosis. There are three (no four, maybe five) periods that truly grip me and this is the best of all. To up the game I'm trying to design a 'stake system' that will have players secretly putting up parts of their kingdom as the prize of battle. So we're looking at Settlers of Catan with Picts.  I'm expanding the time line and the legal opponents from the orthodox DBA lists. Just cause I can.
Should have room for 10 players (not 6 the site says) maybe 12. Some loaner armies will be available.

Greeks and Libyans fight for the title of 'Pantless Badass'

Greeks Behaving Badly is the classic Friday eventing tourney. We at the CCF make it a easier, beginner friendly game, saving the skullduggery and bloodletting for Saturday and Sunday (when it belongs). This is my other top favourite period, the Classical Eastern Mediterranean of Herodotus. Persians, Lydians, Egypt, Thracians, Libyans, Scythians and of course those wacky ol' Spartans, Athenians, Thessalians,  and let's not forget those goofy Phocians (everyone else does). It's a semi-open tourney. Basically any DBA army from Book I or II that fits in the span of 600BCE to 300BCE is eligible. (I bumped up the top end so as to include Alex the G and Early Successors, but exclude those pesky Polybian and Marian Rome boys.) Now I realize that does encompass a lot of armies that are not specifically 'Herodotusian' but the Friday tourney is ideologically Open so if you do show up with a Spring and Autumn Chinese army we will let you play. There will be loaner armies as well. I will have some surprises finished for this...

Look at the schedule for other top quality, inspected by experts, DBA games.

More details to come.


*all the pimping I do these guys, they owe me a freaking pint.