Friday, 30 November 2012

G.A.S.L.I.G.H.T. : Duel on the Delta

Duel! Wily El Halloum and Stalwart Jemadar Singh at point blank range.

Mystic carvings, oooh.

In this gripping episode, the Brave Sikhs of the 23rd Cuminpore Rifles under the command of Jemadar Garam 'Masala' Singh race across the shifting sands Egypt. Their destination, the Lost Obelisk of Bast-Ket-Baal, resting place of the Ancient, Magical, Arcane and Quite Valuable Jewel of Denial.

But lo, from the treacherous lands of the Nile Delta comes the Pirate Sheik, El Halloum and his bloodthirsty crew of scaliwags. Leaving their hideouts in Cairo (no longer wishing to be The Pirates of the Cairo-Being) they race across the dunes, the lust for treasure in their eyes.

Who will claim this treasure?! Readers, prepare yourself for exciting thrills and thrilling excitement in:


The Scenario: A quick attempt to revisit G.A.S.L.I.G.H.T.  Which I hadn't played since Dr. General Professor Yu defeated the Hideous Lizardmen of the Tien Shan.  the Pre-teen Visigoth who had only skimmed the rules, took his beloved Sikh Rifles and I dug out some 'Arab' figs I've had for a while and we threw a bunch of stuff on the DBA boards and went at it (which is how it should be). The Arab figures as many of your will recognize as the venerable ESCI/Italeri 'Muslim Warriors' which I am told is now out of print. Bummer. While a nonsensical buffet of miscellaneous 19th-20th century warriors from different lands (Sudan, Afghanistan and other places I'm not quite sure...) they are great for pulpy fun.

We decided a 'capture the flag' (or the gem) game objective would be an easy go. As it was a learning experience for the P-T.V. we agreed simple was best. He had a serious advantage fielding a modern (in 19thC terms) unit of rifle vs a mixed bag of swordsmen and jezzial shooters. I was OK with that as I was still a little slow in remembering the game.   Both forces entered opposite sides and converged upon the goal with the intention of grabbing the jewel (a hunk of mystic quart I picked up at the now defunct hippy store in the mall) and moving it off to their edge or running off the enemy force.

The pictures are off my iPhone, so not super duper quality. On the dodgier ones I crapped up with sepia effects in order to make the look all period-y. So grab some tea and read on, I'll give the AAR in more detail at the end, though the pictures are pretty self explanatory.

'A scorpion in his desert lair, Johnnie Sikh do beware!
"Have at you villainous thugs! I discharge my revolver at you!
Above, portraits of our leaders;  the Treacherous River Reaver El Halloum and the Fearless Jemadar Garam Singh. Again, a note on names. El Halloum earns his name from our favourite Middle Eastern Cheese. We are so lucky that within walking distance is a hopping little Middle Eastern grocery store that supplies all our cheese pies, hummus makings, goat feta, olives and of course the all wonderful Halloumi cheese. We usually barbeque the stuff. Gorgeous.

OK, back on narrative, the name we figured was 'The Cheese', the 'Big Cheese' as befits a gangster and pirate. Strangely hungry right now, but I'll continue...

'So it comes down to this at last, you and I fighting for the Jewel of Denial'.

'Charge! Our valiant Chieftain fights the foreign dogs unaided!'
'Their rifles will be no match for our fearsome tulwars of death!...'Oh snap.'
'Say, I have a date in Cairo. Later guys!' Ali-Sin-Badly skulkers off.
The Battle as Fought:  I'm pretty sure from the pix you gathered that the Pirates of De-Nile had it handed to them...  and indeed they did. El Halloum was generated with a with super-scuffle rating, so I figured the best option for Team Tulwar was to get in close and mess up the Sikhs. What happened instead was an epic fight between heroes at the base of the Mystic Lost Obelisk of Bast-Ket-Baal .

The detachments slowly made it to the field, the Sikhs being the quicker of the two and arriving at better position.

Alas, El Halloum failed his 5th or so save and  fell before the doughty Jemadar Singh,  vanquished by a solid right cross.  The Pirate horde arrived in place though, in place right in front of the 23rd's sights just in time to receive a volley that devastated their ranks. Only Ali-Sin-Badly, Halloum's Number 2 survived and promptly fled from the field, pleading a pressing engagement.

The Pre-Teen Visigoth was thrilled with his victory. He deployed carefully and with forethought, getting there firstest with the mostest. His was the victory, for now...

Now, El Halloum has been captured and the Jewel of Denial is firmly in the hands of Her Majesty's Empire. Amused? We were. Ali-Sin-Badly however has escaped to warn the Godfather of the Nile Pirates of the outcome of the engagement.

This Godfather, rich, powerful and ruthless from his control of the exotic cardamon, cinnamon and fennel markets. Indeed he is known by his moniker- Pasha Spice.

Stay tuned for Part II: 
The Guns of Ali-Sin-Badly
Pasha Spice World

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Minifig Strip Egyptians: WIP

I made a trade a few years back (hi Paul!) and scored these sweet little vintage Minifigs. They were 'strip' era and required a wee bit of file and knife action to get rolling.

The simplicity and dignity of these guys are totally brilliant.

Egyptian Archers: Old School Minifigs

They will compose a DBA I/2b Early Egyptian army. The post-Hyksos list. Most of the figs I'm using are New Kingdom (19th-20th Dynasty) so I've obscured the pertinent details with the most useful tool in the miniaturists power: the paintbrush. The rest of the details I'm not sweating.

View from the back.

I painted headcloth thingy as hair, which was more the fashion of the period.  I'm all over lying awake at night worrying if my minis have the wrong funny hat. No more.


Drinking: Big Rock Black Amber Ale. It's fall baby and my beer is black like my soul.
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