Gallery: DBA Book II

Mountain Indian II/2
I do love this army.
Number two in my attempt at the Book II Indian Trifecta, something every DBA player should attempt.
I took these bad boys into the 2009 Alberta Open and placed 4th. They made short work of the Dog Peoples and Carthaginians. But against the cheeseball Middle Imperial Romans (east) they were pretty weak. Final game was against Classical Indians, which was a near run thing. Alas, not in my favour.

Army over view.
I loved painting the Elephant General. Took an entire night, but I cranked the Bhangra, pissed off the neighbors and downed at least two pots of tea.
'They see me rollin' '. Elephant General with Maiden bodyguard.

The battleline
Light Horse attack!
The feared tiger guard.
Not as cool as the tiger guard, but strangely, stay on the table longer.
These guys abuse animal patterns worse than a table of cougars at happy hour. Pattus pointed out that my tiger guard used up one whole half of tiger per shield. To which I replied in my best Col. Blimp, 'that's why my boy there are NO Tigahs in Afghanistan'.
You get four stands of these guys. Enjoy!

Your heavy hitters, 4Bd. 
What to do with this lot? Like my beloved Welsh, you have two powerful allies. General Hill and Lord Woods to help you out. Against historical opponents this works brilliant.

In my experience, against the Classical Indians you have the advantage, your Ax and Ps will mess up his Elephants and Bow. Just watch his chariots. The Republican Indians are in trouble too. You're a fair match with Persians. If you can force a Macedonian player to deploy in the rough and spread that damned pike phalanx out, you can take him apart.

All figures are Minifigs from the 'newer' Alexander and Indian range. True 15mm, they look like children next to Xyston.  I think they're wee gorgeous little dudes, lots of open space to work that brush.

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