Friday, 25 March 2011

Hero Gun of the People

Keeping the green theme going, I've returned/sold-out/apostatized to World War 2. You sort of can't escape the damn thing. It's truly the 500lb gorilla of the historical miniatures cosmos.

And while I prefer my baddies wearing togas rather than jackboots, it's a break from the usual sandals and swords of my universe.

So I present to you:
76mm Regimental Gun 1927

So bragging time. I did this in less than 25 minutes after the primer dried. Dry brush for the gun, wet brush for crew.

I also did this model exclusively in Games Workshop Colours. That decision was to prove a simple point to a nice person. 'Exact Historical' colours produced by any manufacturer are really a luxury, not a requirement to get things on the table. OK, that stupid German Panzer Grey is hard to fake, but pretty much everything else is not. Paint your damn miniatures. No excuses*.

The model is a Soviet 1927 76mm Regimental Gun. Produced by Battlefront Miniatures for their overwhelmingly popular Flames of War game. It's a sweet little gun.

Why this model? Allow me short digression. It has to do with the classic computer game Steel Panthers. Now I consider computer gaming in my life the same as daily meth use. I stopped smoking, that was hard. Stopping playing Civilization and scrubbing it from my hard drive, that was VERY HARD. So needless to say, I don't really do too much these days.

But...Steel Panthers...I sneak that once in a while.
[Rimmer] I was playing Soviet defenders in a Barbarossa scenario. The Panzers had cut my valiant BT-7s and T-28's to bits and had overwhelmed my centre.  Two Panzer III's had over-ran my guns and the crews had fled or were dead. Except one. These heroic dudes rallied, spun their guns around and shot both tanks in the rear point blank. One brewed up and the other bailed. The Soviet centre was saved! I built this model in honour of the wee pixels and electrons that stopped the cyber-Fascists cold.

Since I don't play FoW, I'll probably keep them kicking around for another occasion. Unless anyone wants to buy them...

*OK, time, family, food, earthquakes..these are important obstacles and acceptable excuses.