Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Lombards for the Win! More battle reports.

My co-conspirator and ninja-brush monkey Neldoreth has posted the results from 'A Visigothic Romance' on his site.

Please see

I'm pretty sure those of you who drop into Villa Visigoth are regulars his grand site, but in case you aren't or missed it, please have a look.

Yeah! 'Visigothic Romance' sounds like Friday nights around here. When me and the Hippy-goth liberate some bottles of Merlot and sack some spicy pasta from one of the many quality food places in the area and dance all night to Tom Jones and Bollywood hits.

Ok, the Visigothic Romance tourney is notable for many reasons.

1) I won it.

Which really doesn't happen as much as you think. Yeah you say, 'Mister Teenage Visigoth is a badass DBA death slinger' but really I'm not. I like chump armies. I like anti-hero armies. Perhaps I'm a masochist. Who knows.

2) I won it playing an army I didn't paint.

Despite the fact I am back painting commissions, I really believe 50% of this hobby (if not more) is painting you own stuff. I was chuffed to have been able to loan out 4 of my armies for the tourney (especially those Saxons. Damn they have mojo) and could have played any variety of Germanic horde from them. But I like to keep moving, y'know. I passed my recently acquired Lombards to the wonderful and slighly off-kilter Mike J. to prep them up, whilst I splotched ink on endless Samurai sode. And a fine job he did of it too. The Lombards acquitted themselves quite well that day.

3) I won it but lost more battles than I won.

The nature of the tourney was pretty much the same as I used. Get points for you general killing stuff and being al heroic and such. So I did. I lost to the Mark W's Visigoths (as N says he is good, but had a wheelbarrow of 6's with him) and as well to Bill's Ostrogoths as we both set up a 'hollow centre' stratagem.
Note to aspiring tacticians, psiloi are much better at that than bow units. Still I landed points as my hairy horsemen crunched their way to glory. It was against Terry's Saxons that I scored best. Sure, all things being equal,  knights vs warbands is pretty much a forgone conclusion. But things were not equal. Devious terrain, lots of good Saxon pips and damned cold blooded strategy gave the Saxonites initiative for the first half of the game.  But just as Terry needed it, Wotan deserted him, giving him 1's for pips. Much to my relief.
The roll-off was just lucky and it could have gone either way with Mark S. 

So know you know the facts, you can understand my somewhat understated victory dance. I was propped up due to luck and others misfortune. Which, if you do know much of the late Empire and early 'barbarian' kingdoms is pretty much how things went. How very thematically appropriate.

My throne is unsteady....

So yeah. That's my side. No pictures as I had to give the Hippy-Goth the camera for that day. (We share) Go look at N's pics.