G.A.S.L.I.G.H.T.: Adventures in Neo-Cretacious Victoriana

It's the 19th century, but not as we know it. 

Nations have changed, splintered into unfamiliar but still recognizable states.
Tensions are high, battles are fought for national pride, resources and ideology. A steam powered Armageddon is at hand.

Now Nature has taken a hand at quelling her human mistake.  She has decided replace her fractious children of present with her giant offspring of the distant past. 

Emerging through rifts in time and space, the Great Lizards of the Pre-Historic past emerge and seek to reclaim the land and seas from the Primate Usurpers. 

Enter the Neo-Cretacious Age!

Herein we chronicle the adventures of our heroes, Jemadar Garam Singh, Sub-Lieutenant Pythagoras Hardbiscuit RN and the roguish Ali-Sin-Badly,  amidst adventure and chaos of this most unsettling age of upheaval. Read on!
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