Tuesday 14 June 2011

Coming of the Saxons

Press Release.
June 14 2011
The Teenage Visigoth is pleased to announce he will be developing and running a DBA tourney at FallCon 2011.

Adventus Saxonum or 'The Coming of the Saxons' will run Saturday afternoon October 15 2011.
The Teenage Visigoth states:
'Originally an 'Arthurian' tourney, I decided to instead focus on the Saxons (et al) and give the original 'wanker' army their moment in the spotlight. I chose the title for the countless naughty jokes and horrid puns we will be able to make. '


Time period: Saturday afternoon
Title: "Adventus Saxonum"
Host: Sean Devitt and the CCF
Rules: DBA Ancients
Scale: 15mm
Players: Up to 16

It's 410CE and the Legions of Rome have left the Province of Britannia. Rivals clash, the Wall is breached...and then the Saxons show up. 'Adventus Saxonum' or 'The Coming of the Saxons' celebrates the Saxons, Angles and Jutes, treacherous, bloodthirsty tribes who arrive in their longships, first as mercenaries, then as raiders and lastly as colonists.

Eligible armies and tourney rules will be posted on teenagevisigoth.blogspot.com

October 14-16, 2011

Commonwealth Hall
3961 52nd Avenue NE #1177
Calgary, AB

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